Last version of Intelliment Security Policy Automation tool with its improved documentation and UI

Say goodbye is always difficult, but if you are saying goodbye to four years of work in one of the most promising and incredible product based company that you have ever seen before, it is extremely painful. So, that is my sensation right now while I’m writing this post. A mixed combination of sadness and indignation.

Let’s start with the beginning. Four years ago, I was leaving a Django/Python based company in bankrupt after being working in sales management and business development as well as software development, and I felt extremely tired about working on sales again. I mean, I am just a developer, a software engineer who loves to build new things and to automate and improve existing ones, and when I saw an open position inside the backend team of Intelliment Security I saw an opportunity to be part on the building of something really awesome from scratch.

So, what the h*** was Intelliment?

I am currently no able to enumerate how many people asked me that question in events, conferences, etc. Main reason is that lot of people was interested about it, but no one was able to locate a simple and effective description about what was Intelliment and its main purposes. From my own point of view, an unacceptable situation inside any product-based company.

Thus, I tried to provide a simple definition about it on a J on the Beach 2017 talk as follows:

Intelliment is an implementation of a Network Security Policies Orchestration Controller that provides an abstraction layer to query and operate a network in code.

<ironic>Simple, isn’t it?</ironic>

Thus, Intelliment provided automated capabilities to several teams inside an organization to query and operate with network security policies in complex hybrid network infrastructures (physical, virtual, cloud and/or SDN-based) without the need of being an expert on traditional firewalling as well as other other kind of skillsets related with modern networking security inside PaaS, containers or private/public cloud providers. Sounds good eh?

Hype was high, but reality is that we really built a modular and scalable software product that performs it with lot of integrations with Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Terraform as well as incredible features such as preemptive validations, simulations, zero-downtime on incremental/differential deployments inside involved devices, etc. In addition, some preliminary integrations with PaaS and cloud providers as Jelastic, Google Cloud, AWS and Azure was made, and some of them goes to joint-partnership adventures with those providers. What could goes wrong?

Look ma! I’m working in an unicorn company!

At the beginning, Intelliment was an spin-off of the University of Seville, partially related with the research results in form of PhD thesis of one of its co-founders. At the mid-end era of the company, Intelliment was what is called nowadays as an unicorn company backed with funding from several well-known venture capital programs as Seedcamp or Cisco Entrepreneurs In Residence. After several years we moved to a new bigger office and started a growth plan in the UK as well as relationships with partners keep growing with big players such as Chef or Puppet and began to be present in a lot of interesting confs like Infosecurity, DevSecCon, Cisco Live, etc.

Game over

All seems fine, but last year has been as a rollercoaster, with a LOI from a great vendor in the network automation market included that could be the desired exit for a company like this.

Unfortunately shit happens, and for some reasons outside the scope of this post company stop its activity several months ago, leaving us a bittersweet sensation.

What it really matters

Part of Intelliment team on our last Christmas lunch

Seriously, if you are reading this lines and are part of a software-based company with recruiting capabilities, do not hesitate to reach with all the former *engineering* related team of Intelliment. I feel extremely lucky to be working with them. An extraordinary combination of well-talented guys and good people with an incredible background on a lot of technologies and learning capabilities. Hope to find all of them again in near future works and to share an extraordinary friendship for a long time. I’m extremely thankful to each of them. I LOVE you guys!

In addition, I did a lot of new friends outside the company, in some incredible companies that helped us to growth and to test (and in some cases to buy) the product such as Jelastic, 47deg, ITRS Group, The Workshop, Iberdrola, Ingenia, Schibsted Media, and many others (specially thanks to Ihor, Ruslan, Raul, Jorge, Justo, Paulino, Juan Ignacio, Ramon, Ander, and Christian).

Thank you. It has been an incredible journey.